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Sophisticated Dance Family

Sophisticated Dance was created 21 years ago for the youth of our community. As a dancer with 42 years of dance experience, I was saddened to find a lack of dance education for our children in the South Bay area. Our mission is to foster the growth of new artists, invest in established artists and expand access to the arts. Our public schools are lacking opportunities for our children in the performing arts. Since school budgets are often short on cultural opportunities, our organization has created this educational program that encourages students to release their creativity, inspire them to learn and empower them with achievement. We are proudly promoting the art of dance in the community that we live in. Our program goals are to increase cultural awareness and help preserve an appreciation for the arts. We recognize that there are many talented and artistic young people in our community. We are striving to become a vehicle for their endeavors. We help youth from diverse backgrounds find common ground, while building individual characteristics. We encourage a sense of achievement, positive self-esteem, increased self-confidence, and teamwork. Sophisticated Dance offers activities to keep the interests of our children positive and productive.

Each year, our students are allowed to showcase their accomplishments in our annual dance recital. We provide our students with a professional environment which includes: professional theater, lighting, sound, elaborate costumes, make-up, programs, video (DVD), photography, awards and trophies. We give our students something to strive for. Students receive all of this for little to no cost at all. Our program is customized to fit each and every budget.

Sophisticated Dance is a family-oriented business. We take pride in knowing we are part of the village it takes to raise our children. So please feel free to come and be a part of our SD family.


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